Products Highlights


Oval & Odourless Series

Love strong flavoured foods such as durians but afraid to bring it home because it will stink up your surroundings? Ranging from different volumes and sizes, our new *Oval & Odourless Series* containers tightly seals up the content, leaving places such as public transport, car, and refrigerator smelling fresh.

Safety Lock & Tempered-proof

*Safety lock/Tempered proof* lids that allows food items to be packed with minimal handling and maximum hygiene. Once the lid is sealed, the next user will have to peel the safety lock in order to reopen the lid. This concept is best for retail food packaging where consumers are assured of the highest food quality and freshness.

Cost Effective Packaging

For cost and space saving packaging solutions, these containers are with *2-4 compartments* that are suitable for storing complementary side dishes in a single plastic tray. Ideal for Japanese and Korean bento set, American breakfast set, Chinese mixed rice, cuisines, etc.

Wide Assortment

Be spoilt for choice with our ever increasing range of products that come in numerous shapes and sizes. Whatever you are up for, we have what you need. Check them out at our *Browse product catalogue* now!

Heat Vent for Hot Food

Selected lids have pin-sized steam-releasing holes. Suitable for steaming hot soup items.

Raised Base Rim

Selected containers have raised base rim for comfort handling of hot and cold food. Mittens no more.

One Common Lid Convenience

With one common lid often fitting multiple containers of varying depths, users are equipped with the convenience of using the same lid interchangeably across containers of different sizes.

Product Benefits

Suitable For Use
In Microwave Oven.

Translucent Material For
Easy View Of Storage Item.

Highly Affordable.

Light Weighted.

Sturdy Shape And Form.

Neatly Stackable Containers Help Save Space And Storage Cost.

Fluid Leak-Proof.

Tips For You


  • Do seal the lid tightly. There is an affirmation ‘click’ once lids are secured.
  • Do keep the containers in an upright position.
  • Do contact us if you need any assistance or suggestions for your products. We are happy to help. Always.
  • Do give us your comments! We welcome all feedbacks so that we can further fine-tune our products and services.
  • Do be creative in your usage. Your imagination is the limit but of course, stay away from hazardous items!


  • Do not use the containers in convection oven.
  • Do not cook food in the microwave oven for prolonged period.
  • Do not cook food in the microwave oven with the lid on.
  • Do not place sharp objects in the containers.
  • Do not use in dishwasher.
  • Do not use microwavable containers in the freezer. The low temperature may cause breakages.
  • Do not use freezable PE containers in the microwave oven. The high temperature may cause deformity.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Minimise the amount of plastic containers you require. For example, our INSERT trays reduces the need for an additional 1 plastic lid as it is designed to fit within a container.


Our food-grade containers can often be cleaned and reused again though we recommend switching out to another container if it gets too dirty.


Recycle the container by repurposing it for other usage such as a small pot for a small plant.