Latest addition

  • MSW7


A hint of sophistication to the conventional plastic bowl. Designed with a relatively broad surface rim and shallow depth, chefs now have more display space for creative garnish presentation without adding to serving size. Suitable for rice, noodles and soup. An optional lid MS C26 is available.

  • MS1800A

MS 1800A

Cousin of MS 1800TC, this plastic tray is simple and functional. Its notable capacity allows generous serving size of almost anything from seafood platters to a full slab of ribs. Matching lid is MS C30XT. ‘XT’ refers to Extra Tall, which equates to Extra of everything you have in mind.

  • MS1800TC

MS 1800TC

Sleek and chic! This compartmentalized plastic tray comes in a new modern look. Used with the corresponding lid (MS C31), both make a perfect match for a delightful take-away dining experience. Its beautiful diagonal definition adds not only a classy touch to your food but also enhances your customers’ visual experience. An easy way to make your food look good and taste great!

Best sellers

  • MSSQ2000


This higher end model in our square containers series has been very well-received in the Australia and New-Zealand markets. Manufactured with an improved formulation, this particular item has good clarity and comes in a stronger form.

  • MS1000BS

MS 1000BS

One of the favourites among in European market. Your choice of 2 lids. One of regular type (MS C22) and the other with extra height (MS C22HT).

  • C2-Group1-263-MS1000B_resized

MS 1000B

Our all time local bestseller! We were the first to introduce this model and soon it became a hit with eateries and restaurants. An all-purpose food container for everyone and anyone.

Our recommendations

  • We Recommend MS G17 | MS Venture

MS G17

Dare to be different. This uniquely shaped beverage cup has a designer feel and certainly stands out from the crowd. Suitable for chilled smoothies, milk shakes, juices and coffee. Check out MS G15 if you like this design in a smaller version.

  • We Recommend SL3000B | MS Venture


Our largest member of the family! Ideal if you need a big storage container without needing to overspend. Food manufacturers will find this particularly useful as they often have to ensure freshness at huge quantity. With a tamper-proofed safety lock built into the container, it acts as a safeguard to freshness and hygiene.