Reheating food in microwave oven is almost a given in every home kitchen and we have made this even more convenient for home users. Reheat leftovers and take outs have never been easier. Place food in any MS Venture container, hit the buttons on your microwave oven, enjoy piping hot food and dispose the used containers. Everyone can now enjoy a fuss-free meal in home luxury. Say bye bye to massive dishwashing.

Pre-packed meals

Pre-packing meals is often regarded as the next best alternative whenever commercial cooking methods are deemed as undesirable for one’s wellbeing. Health conscious folks may prefer to prepare and pre-pack their own meals, especially when they are on the go. Caring mothers may prefer to pre-pack well-balanced meals for their growing children when they are at schools. We make your job easier. From chunky meat to creamy soup, we have containers for anything on your diet list.

Parties and gatherings

Parties are synonyms to happy times! Serving food and drinks throughout the gathering and facing the immense dish washing load are scenes party hosts too familiar with. Our tray-sized containers are presentable for serving all types of food but yet disposable after used. Our plates and bowls are light, handy and easily replaceable for guests to consume their food while having a good time. Excess food can be stored easily in our containers with lids, not mentioning the option to reheat for later consumption. After the party, everyone is happy.

Household items storage

Organizing a household may not require the sophistication of management software but it is certainly no easy task for homemakers. We provide an affordable no-fuss option to organize household items such as stationeries, light-weighted DIY tools, kitchen wares, handicrafts, bathroom items, just to name a few under the roof. The containers are easily stackable and demand modest space when unused. Maximize your home storage space with our containers today!

Leftovers storage

Can’t finish your food and wish to save it for later? Keep your leftovers in our containers and cut down on food wastage. Simply place them in the chiller for longer storage and reheat in the microwave oven for another round of your favourite dish. All done without the cumbersome dish washing. Bon appetit!