Take away

Be spoilt for choices from a wide range of microwavable plastic containers that are perfect for take away meals and unfinished food. Whether you are in food catering or dine-in restaurants businesses, these containers are light, easy on storage space and highly affordable. Great convenience to your customers who have the options of either storing the food in the chillers for later consumption or reheating the food in the microwave oven without hassle.

Bulk storage

From food manufacturers to small eateries, our selection of large-sized containers is suitable for storing food ingredients in bulk volume up to 5000ml. Do not be fooled by their lightness, they are sturdy enough to withstand the heavy weight of fluids. Our safety lock series of containers provide an additional tamper-proofed feature which acts like a one-time lock to ensure freshness and hygiene.

Store in chiller

Chefs, food manufacturers and even homemakers who frequently use perishable food will find our containers indispensable. With our wide range of containers to fit food of all shapes and sizes, ingredients can now to be neatly organized in your refrigerator or chiller with minimal fuss. No more guessing of what is inside each container. Our translucent see-through containers give you a complete view.

Cook in steamer

Cooking made easy! Whip up a simple healthy dish for your customers or yourself by placing the food in our containers and drop them into the steamer. If you looking for a way to serve steaming hot food to take away customers, this is just the right solution. Our polypropylene containers are steamer-friendly with the ability to withstand heat of at least 100 degree Celsius.