Latest Addition

Oval & Odourless

Love strong flavoured foods such as durians but afraid to bring it home because it will stink up your surroundings? Ranging from different volumes and […]


Always losing your trays or have your trays mistakenly placed at the wrong stall? Our common size MS TRAY1216 and MS TRAY1217 trays comes with […]

MS 1600

This common looking container may not catch your attention but it can comfortably hold two meal servings of almost anything. When you feel one serving […]

MS 2750

Seafood lovers who love to enjoy their favourite delicacies in the comfort of their home will find this design extremely useful. This 2750ml cake-sized container […]


Due to the rapid growing popularity of our signature Safety Lock series, we are working hard at expanding this range to meet consumer’s demand. With […]


Launched together with MS SL650FPT, this MS SL850FPT is the 5th out of 6th member in the MS SLC01FPT safety lock series. This size was […]


This 4000ml capacity container is created to meet customers’ growing demand in high volume container, especially in the Safety Lock series. After both 3000ml and […]